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Make this Your Best Holiday Season Yet

I can’t believe we are a week away from Christmas. I still have an office full of packages to wrap, and I’m dying for the kids to get out of school. I’m getting that biannual urge to bake unnecessary quantities […]

How to Tell Your Children about Violent Events

I just experienced a beautiful weekend of bonding, connection, and spiritual growth with my family. We all went to bed Sunday night feeling like all was good in our world. And then it was Monday. “Did you hear about the […]

The Sex Talk… 8 Tips For How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex and Intimacy

We live in a pretty open household.  There aren’t any topics that are off limits.  My oldest son first asked me about where babies come from when he was 8 and we were expecting our 4th son.  We went over […]

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

I am a pretty ordinary person (or really weird one if you ask my kids,) who believes that we can do extraordinary things.

I believe that the word is full of good waiting to be discovered. I am passionate about family, faith, living your best life, having adventures, writing, business, and The Beatles.

A couple of years ago, we moved our family of 5 boys from the suburbs in the west to the middle of nowhere North East Georgia. We are city kids trying to figure out how to live the country life and we love almost every minute of it!

And that’s my story. I love almost every minute of living my life. It has been a journey to find myself. We’ve had our ups and downs. And we always seem to land up. I believe life is meant to be amazing and I invite you to experience it with me.

Your best life is calling!

It’s time to answer the call.